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Wii - Connecting to a Wireless Connection

How to Configure a Wii for a Wireless Connection

This is a general guide on how to configure a wireless connection to your Wii. Settings on different networks could be different. This guide is just intended to be used as a general reference.

  1. First, we will want to turn on the Wii and from the main menu select Wii Options in the lower left hand corner, and then press A.

  2. At the next menu, we will select Wii Settings and press A.

  3. Here you will need to go to the second page of options, and click on Internet by pressing A.

  4. In the Internet Settings, you will need to click on Connection Settings and press A.

  5. Under Connection Settings, you will want to select one of the Connections and press A. Here we selected Connection 3 since it did not have an existing connection already configured. You can see that Connection 1 and Connection 2 each have had a previous Wireless connection configured for that particular connection. You may save over or replace an existing connection if you like.

  6. Here we will want to select Wireless and then press A.

  7. Now you will want to select Search for an Access Point, and press A.

  8. Select OK and press A.

  9. Here will be a list of available wireless networks. Select your network and press A.

  10. If your wireless network requires a password, here is where we will enter it. Press A on the characters needed to enter them in to the box at the top and then select OK and press A once you have finished typing in your password.

  11. Select OK and press A on the next screen. This will save the connection to your Wii's memory so that it will automatically connect on its own every time.

  12. To finish connecting to your wireless network, highlight Use this connection and press A.