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Dig Safe / Kansas One-Call - Line Location

Kansas Contact Information:
Kansas One Call
811 or 1-800-344-7233

Who do I contact to have lines located on my property?

Kansas One-Call can be contacted at   800-DIG-SAFE (344-7233) or Dial 811

       One easy phone call to 811 gets your underground utility lines marked for free!


Planning a home improvement job? Planting a tree? Installing a fence or deck? WAIT! Here's what you need to know first:  Whether you are planning to do it yourself or hire a professional, smart digging means calling 811 before each job.




Dig Safely - Call 811 before you Dig


Four important steps to keep in mind before starting any excavation project include:

1. Make the call (811)
2. Wait the required amount of time
3. Respect the markings
4. Dig Safely.


Who is Kansas One-Call : KOC?

"Kansas One-Call" is the underground utility notification center for the state of Kansas. Through this facility, a person can notify operators of underground facilities of proposed excavations to request that the underground facilities be marked before they dig. This one call notifies all utility carriers. 

One easy phone call to 811 gets your underground utility lines marked for free!

Buried utilities could exist just about anywhere you dig. Homeowners and contractors can prevent damage to underground utilities and prevent service interruptions by calling KOC at least two working days prior to excavating. It's free, easy, and it's the law!

KOC takes information from callers who are digging, processes it using a sophisticated software mapping system, and notifies underground utility operators that may have utilities in the area. The owners of the utilities then send personnel to mark and locate their utilities.

Kansas One-Call accepts locate requests twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. What does this mean for you...the excavator? Instead of waiting until Monday morning to file those locate request for the remainder of the week, you now will be able to file them anytime on Saturday or Sunday and avoid that Monday morning rush.  Understand that by filing your locate request on the weekend, it does not change the effective start date of the ticket. That is regulated by law, Monday thru Friday are the only official call dates. Click here for detailed Call Timeline information.




  • Locate requests can be made by any person or business entity on behalf of any other person or business entity, without a cap on the number of locate requests filed simultaneously.
  • Locate requests must be completed by midnight on the second business day following the date of request or the excavator can proceed with its project and the utility can be held liable for any damages.
  • Locate requests are only supposed to be filed for areas that can be excavated within 15 days of the request. There is protection for utilities if excavators file locate requests for larger areas than can be excavated within 15 days, and excavators can be found in noncompliance under these circumstances.
  • There is no protection, at this time, for utilities with regard to the number of requests that can be made simultaneously as long as the excavator(s) can complete their work within the allotted 15 days. The KCC understands that these requests, especially if filed in large numbers, can be time-consuming and costly. The KCC also understands that there is a limit to the number of staff utilities can assign to locates at any given time and, therefore, a limit to how many can be completed in the allotted timeframe. If we do our best to complete the locates and an excavator damages our infrastructure in an area we have not been able to complete locates on, chances are the KCC would not find us at fault. In that situation, the issue of liability would become a matter for district court.
  • There is protection for utilities in that repeated locate requests cannot be made for the same area and an excavator can be found in noncompliance by doing so. That means, if a contractor requests locates, fails to dig within the allotted 15-day timeframe, fails to suspend the locate requests, and then makes the same locate requests for the same area(s) once they have authority to begin construction, they could be found in noncompliance with the KCC.



More information can be found on Kansas One-Call Website   <<here>>