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Extended Area Service (EAS)

Extended Area Service (EAS)
There is no long distance toll charge for calls between the exchanges indicated below. When calling an EAS (Extended Area Service) exchange, simply dial the 7-digit number as listed in the directory. Please do not dial "1" before the telephone number or dial the operator when placing EAS calls.

 Athol, Gaylord, Kensington
 Orleans NE, Woodruff
 Alma NE
 Woodston  Alton
 Agra, Gaylord, Kensington
 Agra, Athol, Kensington
 Grainfield/Park  Gove
 Gove  Grainfield/Park
 Agra, Athol, Gaylord
 Prairie View
 Prairie View, Woodruff
 Long Island
 Alma NE, Woodruff
 Orleans NE
 Logan, Long Island
 Prairie View
 Alma NE, Long Island, Orleans NE
 Alton  Woodston