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Do Not Call Registry

Do Not Call Registry
This guide is to help you stop receiving calls from telemarketers.

The Kansas Attorney General's office is responsible for enforcing the Kansas No-Call Act. This act prohibits businesses from calling consumers in order to sell a product or service. Organizations soliciting charitable donations, calls concerning political candidates or issues, or other calls unrelated to the sale of property or services do not fall within the scope of the Kansas No-Call Act.

To place your number on the Do Not Call Registry you will need to click here to go to the website to register your number on the list. Once your number has been on the site for roughly 31 days you should not receive anymore calls from most telemarketers. If you do continue to receive calls from telemarketers you can file a complaint with the Kansas Attorney Generals office, click here for a link to the form that must be filled out to file the complaint.

Nex-Tech/Rural Telephone does not manage this list nor will we register a number for you, but we can place a Telemarketer Call Screening on the line for you. People calling from any number will receive a service announcement stating that "This number does not receive calls from telemarketers...."  Once someone has received the message and has agreed that they are not a Telemarketer they should not receive the message again. If you have any questions about this feature please contact your local Nex-Tech office or the Helpdesk at 1.888.565.3200 for further assistance.

Some of this information was copied from the Kansas Attorney Generals office's website at