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Upgrading to a Nex-Tech Classifieds Business Account

Upgrading to a Nex-Tech Classifieds Business Account

Business Users will have the option of either a Business Free account which will still tag them as a business, but only allow one listing.  Or they can upgrade to a Business Pro account which will be allowed to place unlimited ads, in applicable/appropriate categories on the Classifieds for a small fee.  Businesses will need to upgrade to either Business Account to ensure that their listings are not rejected by our moderators.


Business Accounts will be required/defined as anyone who:

  • Has a federal tax ID
  • State business number
  • Federal Firearms License (FFL)
  • Registered Vehicle Dealer for Kansas Dept. of Revenue
  • Advertises in media locations (IE. directory, television, radio, vehicle logo)
  • Multi-level marketing products
  • If any reasonable person who would consider it a business, IE: consistent items being placed to be sold

If you have a personal account, or Business Free account, you can upgrade to a Business Pro account at any time.  But you cannot downgrade a Business Account of any kind back to a personal account. 

Rates for Business Pro Users & Business Listings

    • Base Monthly Fee = $3.00/mo
    • New Listing Fee = $.50/listing
    • Listing Renewal Fee = $.50/listing

Business Pro customers will automatically be billed once a month based on the date you signed up.  Currently we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card.  We hope to add PayPal in the future.

If a business customer wants to post non billable listings for their residential items they will need to make a separate user account to place those listings.  All listings on a Business Pro account will be billable.

Here is a quick tutorial showing how to complete the process to upgrade to a Business Pro Account.

  1. Log into your account on the Classifieds and click on your username.  Click on Account link.

  2. This will take you to your account page.  Click on Change Plan option located in the left margin of your account screen.

  3. This will bring you to the Choose Plan screen.  Please not that there are two types of options here.  You can either choose the Business Free, or Business Pro.  Please review the information for each account carefully and then click on the Sign Me Up link on the bottom of the account that you wish to upgrade to.

    1. If you choose a Business Proaccount, every month your credit card will be automatically billed for the base fee and your per listings fees associated with your account.


  4. After clicking on the Sign Me Up link this will take you to a screen to enter in the billing information for your business account; if you clicked on the Business Pro Account.

  5. After filling out that information for the account, click on the Finish button.  After clicking on the Finish button you will see the Business screen that will require you to enter your Business Name and Business Phone.  After entering in your information please click on the Finish button.

You have successfully upgraded your account to a Business Classifieds account.