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Creating a Personal Account on the Classifieds

How to Create a Personal Account on the Classifieds

This guide will give you a step-by-step instructions on how to create a personal NexTech Classifieds account.  We will be using the Nex-Tech Classifieds as an example in this guide.


  1. First, you will need to go to http://www.nextechclassifieds.comby typing that address in your address bar at the top of your browser.  Once you are at the Classifieds page, you will want to click on Sign Up at the top right hand corner of the screen.  The button will look similar to this.

  2. After clicking the Sign Up link, you will see the Sign up and start selling immediately screen where you select Personal by clicking on the Sign Me Up button in that box.

  3. After you have clicked the Sign Me Up button, you will see the Sign Up screen where it will ask for you account information.  As seen below, please fill out all of the fields with your information.  Then, click on the Sign Up button.

  4. Once you have clicked on the Sign Up button, the Almost Done... screen will appear.  An email will be sent to activate your Classifieds account to the email address that was typed in the Sign Up screen.

  5. Check your email inbox for an email from the Nex-Tech Classifieds which will contain a link to activate your account.  Click on Activate your Account.  Be aware that some mail filters can send your activation link to your spam folder, if you do not see your activation email in your inbox within an hour, check your spam folder.  If you are still unable to locate the link you may call 877.344.2037 for assistance. 

  6. Once you have clicked on the activation link, you will be taken back to the Nex-Tech Classifieds site which will display the Activation screen that will let you know that your account has been successfully activated. 

  7. After you have confirmed that your account has been successfully activated, you should be routed back to the Nex-Tech Classifieds site.  Go ahead and login with the username and password you just created!  You should now see your username where the option for Sign Up was.