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Windows 7 - How to Run Windows Updates

How to Run Windows Updates in Windows 7
This guide will show you how to check for Windows Updates on your Windows 7 machine. Make sure that you are always install regular system updates to help keep your computer protected and running smoothly.

  1. First, we will click on Start, and then All Programs.

  2. The list of programs should now be showing and you'll want to click on the one that says Windows Update.

  3. Once the Windows Update window comes up, one of two things will be showing. One, you will see a message saying that your "Windows is up to date" or you will see a message saying that "Updates are available for the computer". In either case you will want to click on Check for updates on the left hand side to get the most current list of updates available for your computer.

  4. Once it has finished searching for new updates, you will either have new updates to install or it will say your computer is up to date. If your computer is up to date then you will not need to proceed with this guide any further. If your computer says you have updates for your computer you can do a couple of things. One you can click on one of the links for ...updates are available or you can click on Install updates. If you click on Install updates proceed to step 6.

  5. In the "Select updates to install" window you will see a list of updates that are for your computer. Here there are generally two sections on the left. One is the Important and the other is Optional update list. Important updates should almost always be installed, unless you have been instructed otherwise not to install the update. The Optional updates are generally for additional Microsoft products that do not pose a security threat to your machine or they will be system driver updates. Most of the time you can tell right away if you would need the Optional update, for system driver updates we recommend that you run these. Once you have selected the updates that you want to install click on OK towards the bottom right.

  6. Once you have clicked on Install updates, you will see that it is Downloading or Installing updates. Once it has finished it will let you know that it has completed the updates or it may ask you to restart the machine to finish installing the updates. Once it has finished the updates it is always a good rule of thumb to click on Check for updates one last time to make sure there are not anymore Important updates to install. Once you have no more Important updates you have finished the Windows Update process.