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Setting Up Your DSL Modem to a Single Computer

How to Setup Your DSL Modem to Your Computer
This guide will help you step by step setting up a single computer to a DSL modem. If you are setting up a network please review the article for setting up with a router.

To begin you will need your Comtrend DSL modem/router, a phone cable, an Ethernet cable, the power adapter to the Comtrend, and a computer.
  1. First, we will need to get your Comtrend DSL modem/router. As pictured below it should look similar to the modem here.

  2. Now we will want to get the phone cable, and then plug one end into the LINE port on the Comtrend DSL modem. Once you have done this it should look the same as pictured below.

  3. Now that we have one end of the phone cable plugged into the Comtrend modem, we are going to take the other end and plug it into the phone jack that was dedicated for your DSL.

  4. Next we will want to hook up the Ethernet cable, this cable could be multiple colors. Once you have located the Ethernet cable, we will then plug it into LAN 1x on the Comtrend DSL modem/router.

  5. Now that you have the Ethernet cable plugged into the Comtrend, we will take the other end and plug it into your computer into the Ethernet port. As you can see here we used a laptop, on a desktop computer the Ethernet port is almost always located in the back of the computer.

  6. At this point you should have a setup that looks very similar to what we have shown here. You should have the blue Ethernet cable coming from LAN 1x on the Comtrend to the laptop computer. Then we have the phone cable plugged into the LINE port going into our wall jack that is dedicated for DSL.

  7. We are now ready to plug the power into the Comtrend modem. Once you have located the power adapter, plug one end into the Comtrend, and the other end into your wall outlet or surge protector. We recommend that you plug all your devices into a surge protector if you have one.

  8. If everything is hooked up correctly, you should see a light sequence like shown below. The power light should be solid green, the LAN 1x should blink to indicate data is moving, and the ADSL light should be solid to indicate the service is synced up to our Central Office and your location.