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Tech Home Pricing - SecureIT - File Hopper - Password Genie - Tech Home Protect Plus

Tech Home Protect service is included with Protection Plus, which is $9.99/mo. 

Tech Home plus is available by itself for $6.99/mo. This would not include any of the benefits of Protection Plus like router leases, or wiring coverage. 

 Desktop protection (SecureIT) (Only available on Windows OS)

 Mobile protection  (SecureIT)


 50GB cloud backup (File Hopper)

 Password protection (Password Genie)

Tech Home Protect Plus

 10.99 In addition to the $9.99/mo Protection Plus service

 4 devices (Instead of 2)

 4 anti-theft for mobile

 250GB cloud backup (Up from 50GB in File Hopper)

Password Genie (In addition to $9.99 Protection Plus base charge.)

One computer - 4.99

One mobile - 1.99

Add Tech Home Protect Plus - 10.99