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Nex-Tech WiFi Manager App Parental Controls

In this article we will detail the Parental Control features of the Nex-Tech WiFi Manager App.  A video tutorial on all the features available for the app will be located here 


Basic Parental Controls/Profile Setup


Customer's have the ability to add profiles to their app.  This will allow them to control access to devices along with restrict time in which each profile has network access.  

Profile Setup

The next screen you will see is the Profile configuration screen.  This allows you to configure which devices are on said profile.  You can also come back to this screen to add/remove devices to any profile at any time.  DO NOT REMOVE OR RESTRICT ACCESS TO THE DEVICE THE APP IS RUNNING ON.  This may cause the app itself to loose the ability to change the features and loose network access.  If this does happen switch the mobile device over to Cellular Data and restart the app.  This should allow the app to refresh on a separate network so the configuration can be corrected.


Access Restrictions/Parental Controls

Customers have the ability to set access restrictions to certain profiles.  To do this they will first need to access which profile they are configuring by selecting either the "People" section at the top or the small "People" button located at the bottom of the main screen.  This will bring up all the profiles for their Manager.


This will bring the customer to the screen shown below:

After selecting which profile the customer wants to configure they will see the screenshot shown below


Content Restrictions:

Application Restrictions:


Website Restrictions: