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Cloud Fax Client Installation Instructions

Cloud Fax Client Installation

This set up will allow you to use the fax phone book, printer drivers, and connect the Nex-Tech Cloud Fax with your Microsoft Outlook.

  1. Download the Nex-Tech Cloud Fax Client installation software by logging into
  2. Run the file that is downloaded: XMediusFax (Client Redist).exe

  3. Select the LANGUAGEfor your install.
    • This will change the language throughout the software.

  4. Click NEXT

  5. You must AGREE to the End-User License to use the software

  6. Choose the folder where the software will be installed
    • If you do not know where to install it, leave it at default and hit Next
  7. To fully utilize the Nex-Tech Cloud Fax software, make sure you install all features under SendFax, Web Fax Composer Printer, Print to Mail, Outlook Add-in, and (if you want to edit cover sheets) Coversheet Editor.

  8. Enter the webserver name:

  9. Click INSTALL

  10. Click FINISH and then restart your computer.

  11. You now have the software installed, to learn how to use the Nex-Tech Cloud Fax software, please refer to the following article.