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Promote a Listing

Promote a Listing Promoting your listing is a great way to provide added visibility and boost the opportunity for your listing to be sold. Your promoted listing will be eligible for viewing on the Front Page as well as its Category and search results... Read More

How to Test Your FTTP Phone Line at the ONT

How to Test Your FTTP Phone Line at the ONT This guide will help you determine if you are having phone issues inside the house or on the Nex-Tech network. After you have determined that the ONT has power, you will want to test the ONT for... Read More

Testing Your System

Test mode Honeywell Lynx Plus, Honeywell 6160 Testing the System LYNXR-2 Series Security Systems Bypassing a Sensor Type in the 4 digit security code. Hit the Bypass button. Type in 2 digit zone number (Found in PLANT info.). Test... Read More

Playstation3 - NAT Type Connectivity Issues

Playstation3 - NAT Type Connectivity Issues If you are having issues not being able to communicate with the PS3 network, or cannot use voice / video chat, you could be having a Network Address Translation (NAT) issue with your router or Internet... Read More

Calling Feature Codes

Here are useful tips and instructions for utilizing your calling features. ANONYMOUS CALL REJECTION *77 Press *77 and listen for confirmation tone or announcement, then hang up. Callers will hear a message telling them that you are not accepting... Read More

Netgear Router - Setting Up for PPPoE

How to Setup a Netgear Router for PPPoE This guide will give a step by step tutorial on setting up a Netgear router for PPPoE. PPPoE is the network protocol that we use for encapsulation on most of our residential and small business customers. ... Read More

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