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  1. VoiceManager Video Tutorials View the VoiceManager Video Tutorials to learn about the great features available to use with your phone service from Nex-Tech. ... Read More
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  3. Different Ways To Access Your Voicemail Different Ways To Access Your Voicemail There is three different ways you are able to access your voicemail. This will be a quick guide on how to access your voicemail at or away from home. The first way you can access your voicemail can only be d... Read More
  4. Managing Your Voicemail Messages How to Manage Your Voicemail Messages This is a guide on how to manage your voicemail messages. This guide will provide a list of various features and a how to on managing your messages in the inbox. ... Read More
  5. Changing Basic Voicemail Settings How to Change Basic Voicemail Settings This is a quick guide on how to change your voicemail settings like password pin, name, greeting, and custom ringing. Changing your password pin ... Read More
  6. First Time Voicemail Setup First Time Voicemail Setup This is a guide to help you setup your personalized voicemail system for the first time. First-Time Sign-In ... Read More
  7. Cloud Fax Using The Cover Sheet Editor Editing And Setting The Default Cover Sheet Editing Cover Sheets If not already installed with SendFax Client - Install cover sheet editor Login as user at Click “Download Windows client” in bottom right hand ... Read More
  8. Testing Your Internet Speed   Testing Your Internet Speed     The best way to ensure that you are getting the correct speeds on your Nex-Tech Internet connection is by using our speed test tool. There are many websites out there that can be used to run a speed test, but ou... Read More
  9. Site Types - Pricing Site Types     Plesk DiscoverStuff       Plesk Plesk is a full featured, user controlled web hosting. The customer has control to change user passwords, create and delete email accounts, install a content management system, and mu... Read More
  10. How to Post a Listing on the DiscoveStuff Classifieds How to post a Listing on the DiscoverStuff Classifieds You must be logged into your account in order to post a listing on the any DiscoverStuff site.  You can log into your account by pressing the Loginoption at the top right corner of the site. ... Read More
  11. How to Change Credit Card Information How to Change Credit Card Information As a Premium Business user on the Classifieds, you must enter your credit card information to have an account.  If your card information ever changes and you need to update your informaiton, this quick tutorial... Read More
  12. Windows Vista Repair Install ***WARNING*** These steps should only be attempted by advanced computer users.  Errors made during these steps can and will result in data loss or permenant damage to your machine.  Nex-Tech... Read More
  13. Page Cannot Be Displayed Error Page Cannot Be Displayed Error Internet Explorer is a popular web browser that many people enjoy using. That doesn't mean, however, that it works perfectly every time for everyone. If you are encountering a "Pa... Read More