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Managing Your Voicemail Messages

How to Manage Your Voicemail Messages

This is a guide on how to manage your voicemail messages. This guide will provide a list of various features and a how to on managing your messages in the inbox.

Listening to your messages
  • You will first need to enter the voicemail system. Click HERE for ways of entering the voicemail system.

  • Once you have entered the voicemail system, you will be at the main menu. Here you will hear if you have any new messages or any saved messages in your inbox. To get your messages, press 1, and then you will need to press 1 again to listen to your voicemails.

  • By default, you will hear information about each message when it is first played for you, including the time it was received and the telephone number of the person leaving the message. To hear only brief details about each message, you can disable the Time and Date stamp feature. After the message details are read out, the message will be played.

  • While the message plays, you can choose one of the following options.
    • To skip to the end of the message, press 2. If the message was new, then it will be saved. If the message was saved, then it will be left as new.
    • To skip forward 5 seconds within the message, press 9.
    • To pause the message, press 8. Press 8 again to resume.
    • To skip backward 5 seconds within the message, press 7.

  • When the message finishes, you can choose one of the following message options.
    • To play the message again from the beginning, press 1.
    • To save a new message and go to the next message, press 2. To leave a saved message as new and go to the next message, press 2.
    • To delete the message, press 3.
    • To reply to the message, press 4. Depending on the message you are replying to, you may have either or both of the following options:
      • to record a voicemail message to send back in reply.
      • to call back the person who left the message.
    • To return to the previous message, press 11.
    • To leave the message as-is and go to the next message, press #.
    • To go the Main Menu, press *.