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How to Test Your FTTP Phone Line at the Outside ONT

How to Test Your FTTP Phone Line at the Outside ONT
This guide will help you determine if you are having phone issues inside the house or on the Nex-Tech network.

After you have determined that the ONT has power, you will want to test the ONT for dial tone. You will need to get a flat-head screw driver, and a working telephone to hook up to the ONT. Note: Although the ONT is grounded, it is not recommended to test the ONT during a thunderstorm, rain, when lightning is present, or any other hazardous weather conditions.

  1. Go to the ONT located outside on the house and with the screw driver remove the screw that keeps the ONT cover closed.

  2. Now we will want to open the ONT cover and disconnect the port for Voice that is not working, and then hook up the working telephone outside.

    • If there is dial tone at the ONT there is a problem with the wiring, jacks, or equipment at the location. You can troubleshoot the issue yourself, or you can have Nex-Tech do the repair for you. If you are needing to issue a truck roll contact the Helpdesk at 1.888.565.3200.

    • If there is no dial tone at the ONT, please contact the Helpdesk at 1.888.565.3200

  3. Please disconnect the phone, plug the voice line back in, close the ONT cover, and replace the screw back into the unit.