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Calling Number Showing Possible Spam on Caller ID

If you are having issues with your phone number showing as "Possible Spam" on the recipients Caller ID you can fill out a form with Free Caller Registry to appeal your number being marked as spam. 

First you will want to go to and click on the blue "Register Here" button.


You should then see a page that looks like the one below. 


You may notice a bullet point that says "You are an authorized service provider for the calling company." on the left, you can ignore this if you are reporting your own business's number. On the left column you should first see Company Numbers with a Phone Number and Display Name field, you will want to list the phone number you have that is being marked as Possible Spam and then enter  what should display on Caller ID under Display Name. If you need to report multiple numbers then you will want to look just under the field and click "Add Number" which will add 1 additional row each time you click on "Add Number". Once you have all of the numbers you are reporting you will need to select a category under "I believe my calls are".  This should be the category that best represents your business and if you do not fall under one of the provided categories you can select "Other" at the bottom. Then fill out the rest of the form with your business's information. 

For the Service Provider(s) field you can enter in Then once you are finished entering the information on the page you will need to click the "Send Verification Code" button. This will send an email to the email address you entered earlier in the form and will provide a code you will need to enter on the form to submit the appeal.  Once you hit submit you will be taken to a confirmation screen that provides a confirmation number. You will also receive this information in an email shortly after the form is submitted as well.