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Browser Use / Troubleshooting

BrBrowser Use


Like most password managers when a customer goes to login to a site for the first time they will be prompted by Password Genie if they want to save the site or not. They will have the option to customize how they want to save the information in the manager.

  • When logging in to a site for the first time or logging in with a different username and password you will be prompted to save your credentials. If you have multiple logins for one site I have noticed that Password Genie will only auto prompt the first default login you created. If a customer has multiple logins for the same site they will need to use the Password Genie icon at the top of their browser.

  • Replacing an existing login is quite simple. All you will need to do is login to the site with the new information and choose the login you are needing to replace in the Action field and then click Save.

  • Multiple logins for a single user is a little tricky as of right now. If a customer has multiple logins saved under the same account they will not be prompted to which account they want to login to. Instead they will need to go up to the top of the browser and select the Password Genie icon and go down to Saved Logins and then select the login in which they saved it under. It will then automatically launch another window and login them in automatically.



Password Genie Interface



The interface has many options that you can choose from including creating multiple users, how you login to sites, and security settings like auto-lock functions that will prompt you to put in your Password Genie password before you can access your login information. Here we will highlight some of the main features of software. For a more in-depth look have a look at the Windows 7 test machine to play around and get familiar with the interface.

  • Once a customer has started to use Genie and save their login information into the program it will start to populate in the interface. The will have a layout similar to this and as you can see their are a few custom settings they can choose from to tell Genie how to manage the site.

  • Here is the section under Browsers that the user can select which browsers they would like to use Password Genie on. If a customer has multiple browsers on the computer, Genie will extend their login information across all selected browsers in this section.

  • The Auto-Lock function is something that some users might want to disable by selecting Never if they are the only ones or trust whoever is using the computer. This function is setup to prompt the customer for a password after a set amount of inactivity before they can gain access to their login information again. This password will be the one that was set within Password Genie.


Creating and Switching Multiple Users


Password Genie allows for multiple users to use the admin account to create multiple profiles for other users. First you will need to setup an account from the main admin account, which is the username they signed up with originally. After you have setup the accounts they will show under the Users tab under Additional Users. If you do not see the Additional Users section then you are not logged in under the main profile and need to switch to that profile. If you also need to delete another users account you will need to login to the main profile as well. Below is some more information on how to setup and switch multiple user accounts.

  • Setting up multiple users on Password Genie is simple. First I you will need to open the main Password Genie interface and then click on the Users tab at the bottom. Once this page has come up you will then need to click on Additional Users, then you will need to select Create Account in the main window.

  • After you have click on Create Account you will have the user account setup window come up. Here you will need to fill out the following information and then click on Create New Account.

  • After you have created the account(s) you will then see them listed under the Additional Users section as shown below.

  • To switch to another user you can go about this in two ways. First you can switch users from the browser by clicking on the green Password Genie icon at the top of the browser, and then click on Switch User. Second you can go down to the task tray and right click on Password Genie and then select Switch User. Both of these menus look exactly the same from the browser and the task tray.

  • Once you have clicked on Switch User another window will come up asking you which user you would like to sign in with. If you only have one other user on the account it will just prompt you for the password to that account rather than having you select the username as shown. Once you have typed in the password you will want to click on Login. You will now to be able to save and access saved information for that particular user within the browser and Password Genie interface.