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1. Installation of the SecureIT Online Backup is much the same as the other SecureIT programs, we need the email address of the customer first.  A customer buys a plan with a set gigabyte limit of storage, and they can use that same key on as many computers as they want. If you need to send the key to another computer, let the Tech Leads know and they should be able to send it to whatever email the customer would like.  Primary installation is now handled through a mobile app on Android with the desktop version considered a companion.  The app can be found in the Play Store under File Hopper.  You can also only choose to install the desktop version included in the link, but if you are considering doing both, it is recommended you install the Android app first.


The license key here should be contained in the email that was sent to the customer. This key is the same for every computer the customer installs the software on.

File Hopper Plus for Desktop

You will use the details you have just created as your Master Account.  This will allow you to install the Desktop File Hopper software and sync between the two, allowing you to access your files securely from anywhere.
Once registered, the installation is complete and they can move on to using the program to back up.  You'll enter the same password you used if you did a mobile installation on your Android device.