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  1. Determine if Your Fiber ONT has Power and Changing the CyberPower Battery Determine if Your ONT has Power This guide will take you step by step to determine if the FTTP ONT has power to it. The Optical Network Terminal (ONT) is a small network interface device that Nex-Tech has installed on the outside wall of your locat... Read More
  2. UEI Atlas (Black) Remote Control UEI Atlas (Black) Remote Control   Programming the MASTER POWER Key   How to Turn the Set Top Box or TV On/Off Programming Remote for Other Devices   How to Change Channels How to Adjust the Volume   Intro to the System Buttons   ... Read More
  3. Enable/Disable Parental Controls Introducing Parental Controls NOTE: Controls must first be set up in Settings before the Parental Controls on/off button will appear on the Menub... Read More
  4. Cloud Fax Phone Books Edit a Phone Book on the Nex-Tech Cloud Fax Web Client Open your phone book by using the phone book tab. Create a new contact with the ADD button, then fill out the information.Click DETAILS to add more information. To edit, or delete, a contact, p... Read More
  5. iOS Automatic Email Setup iOS Automatic Email Setup(iPhone, iPad, iPod)   iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) have the ability to automatically configure your email settings. Not only will it set up your email account, but it will also sync your calendar and contacts to your ... Read More
  6. OpenDNS OpenDNS OpenDNS is a free service offered to act as parental controls. By replacing Nex-Tech's auto-obtained DNS servers with static DNS servers that are provided by OpenDNS, computer... Read More
  7. Remote Not Working Remote Not Working Remote Is Non Responsive Check that your remote is on the correct device selection. Depending on your remote, press CBL or STB... Read More
  8. Titan Remote Master Power and TV Codes UEI Titan (Silver) Remote Control   Programming the "LAST" Button   Programming the MASTER POWER key Programming Remote for Other Devices   How to Turn the Set Top Box or TV On/Off How to Change Channels   How to Adjust the... Read More
  9. User Settings Introduction To Users How To Sign Out or In ... Read More
  10. Understanding the Menu Bar The Menubar is a quick and easy way to access any feature of your service. To display the Menubar, press MENU on your remote control. ... Read More
  11. Windows Live Mail - Importing and Exporting Accounts Importing and Exporting in Windows Live Mail   WARNING:If you delete any accounts out of Windows Live Mail you will delete all of the E-mails and Account Settings. Make sure you back up any files that need to be kept or they will be lost!... Read More