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  1. Home Networking Basics Home Networking Basics A home network is a residential local area network, and is used to connect multiple devices within the home. The simplest home networks are used to connect 2 or more PCs for sharing files, printers, and ... Read More
  2. Printer Sharing in Mac  Printer Sharing with Mac Printer Sharing from Mac computer to another Mac computer.(OSX 10.5.8 to 10.4.11.) NOTE: WE NEED TO BE ON THE COMPUTER THAT IS HOOKED DIRECTLY UP TO ... Read More
  3. Troubleshooting Wireless Network Connections Troubleshooting Wireless Network Connections   Check the wires and wireless network adapter Checking that all your wires are plugged in at the router and from the plug is one of the first things you should do – provided of course that... Read More
  4. Windows Vista - Wireless Utility Vista Wireless Utility 1. To get to the Windows Vista wireless utility, click the windows button, followed by the Control Panel. In the control panel, open the Network & Sharing Center. Click on M... Read More
  5. Printer Sharing in Windows Printer Sharing in Windows XP, Vista and Seven Printer Sharing in Windows XP. To share printers and other files in Windows XP, you first need to check to ma... Read More
  6. Apple Mac OSX - Connecting to a Wireless Network   How to Connect to a Wireless Network on Mac NOTE: Prior to OSX 10.7, the wireless feature on Mac computers were called Airport. Since 10.7, Apple has changed the term from Airport to Wi-Fi. The pictures below were taken from OSX 10.7, but the ... Read More
  7. FAQ SecureIT Technical FAQ A comprehensive list of frequintly asked questions and answers on all of the Tech Home services can be found at the link below: Tech Home FAQ SecureIT Services FAQ Q: Why do I need SecureIT Services? Q: Do I need SecureIT Serv... Read More
  8. Tech Home Pricing - SecureIT - File Hopper - Password Genie - Tech Home Protect Plus Tech Home Protect service is included with Protection Plus, which is $9.99/mo.  Tech Home plus is available by itself for $6.99/mo. This would not include any of the benefits of Protection Plus like router leases, or wiring coverage.   Desktop pr... Read More
  9. Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) Customer Proprietary Network Information  (CPNI) CPNI is a communications industry abbreviation that stands for Customer Proprietary Network Information. CPNI refers to your telephone service, includ... Read More
  10. SecureIT - Installation Installing SecureIT Select the product you would like to install. For SecureIT for your PC, you'll need to select SecureIT Plus. ***THIS SERVICE IS NOT AVAILABLE ON APPLE LAPTOP OR DESKTOP OPERATING SYSTEMS*** You'll now was to select "D... Read More
  11. Wii - Connecting to a Wireless Connection How to Configure a Wii for a Wireless Connection This is a general guide on how to configure a wireless connection to your Wii. Settings on different networks could be different. This guide is just intended to be used as a general refer... Read More
  12. Xbox 360 - Connecting to a Wireless Connection How to Configure a Xbox 360 for a Wireless Connection This guide is a general guide on how to setup a wireless network connection on an Xbox 360. You must have the wireless adapter for your 360 for this to work. If you... Read More
  13. SecureIT - Scanning SecureIT - Scanning the Computer SecureIT provides live monitoring of your files, but if you need to run a manual scan, by selecting the Scanning option, you have 3 different options. A quick scan will do a faster scan of common files and folders. ... Read More
  14. SecureIT - Updating Updating SecureIT Updating SecureIT is simple. Click on the green Protection square in the upper left. If your software needs to update, you'll see the green bar at the top begin to move. Depending on the size of the update, this may take seve... Read More
  15. SecureIT - Account Registration Account Registration You should receive an email that contains your activation key. If you do not receive this email, check your spam and junk folders. If you are unable to find it, please give the helpdesk a call at 888-565-3200. Once you have you... Read More
  16. SecureIT - Password Genie Password Genie Installation If Password Genie is the only software you are installing, follow these instructions. If you have already installed SecureIT, or File Hopper, jump to the section labeled " Account Login for Download " below, and con... Read More
  17. Installation and Setup Manuals Honeywell Installation and Setup Manuals ... Read More
  18. Connecting a Router to Your FTTP Connection Connecting a Router to Your FTTP Connection This guide will help you step by step setting up a router or a wireless router to your FTTP connection. To begin you will need a router, an Ethernet cable, and the power adapt... Read More
  19. Connecting a Router to Your DSL Modem Connecting a Router to Your DSL Modem This guide will help you step by step setting up a router to your DSL modem. To begin we will need your Comtrend DSL modem, a router, an additional Ethernet cable (This will ... Read More