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  2. Cloud Fax - Retrieve a Fax From the Web Client Retrieving your Nex-Tech Cloud Fax in the Web Client Once a fax has been sent to you, it can be retrieved in the Web Client, or by using the Cloud Fax Client Software on your computer. This article will outline how to use the Web Client. For informat... Read More
  3. Cloud Fax How to send a fax using the Web Client Send a Nex-Tech Cloud Fax using the Web Client After logging into the Web Client, select the button in the top left labeled, Compose Fax Fill in the contact info. Click Add to move that information into the Recipients List. Note: If the recipient i... Read More
  4. Cloud Fax Web Interface Login How to log into the Nex-Tech Cloud Fax Web Interface There are two interfaces for the Nex-Tech Cloud Fax service. To access the interface on the web, use the following instructions. Log in to the Nex-Tech Cloud Fax website using your unique username ... Read More
  5. Using Webmail Using Webmail       Logging In / Out Email Contacts Calendar Storage Settings     Logging In   Go to Type in your full email address and password. Press Login. Logging Out To log out of your w... Read More
  6. What is Web Hosting? What is Website Hosting? Web hosting is a necessity for any website — it is the physical location of your website on the Internet, an online storage center that houses the information, images, video, a... Read More
  7. How to Set up a Basic Web Site Setting up a Site To set up a Dreamweaver site: Select Site >New Site When the dialog pops u... Read More
  8. Web Hosting (Non Nex-Tech Accounts) Web Hosting (Non Nex-Tech Accounts) To set up a site using Dreamweaver: Select Site >New Site ... Read More
  9. Webcam Setups Webcam/Messaging Software Setup Setting up External Network Camera(In our example I am using a D-Link Secure Cam) The first step is to insert the CD that ca... Read More
  10. Acronyms/Terminology Web Hosting Acronyms TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol)- TCP/IP is a two-layer program. The higher layer, Transmission Control Protocol, manages the assembling of a message or file into smaller packets that ... Read More
  11. Site Types - Pricing Site Types     Plesk DiscoverStuff       Plesk Plesk is a full featured, user controlled web hosting. The customer has control to change user passwords, create and delete email accounts, install a content management system, and mu... Read More