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  1. DVR DVR allows you to record programs digitally without the need for tapes or discs, as well as pause live TV. Please note: If your set top box does not support recording, please contact customer service for an upgrade. ... Read More
  2. Setting Your DVR to Record Before and After a Scheduled Show Time Once you have set a show to record on your DVR, you might want to add "padding" time to the start and/or end of the recording. This could be helpful when a show begins a few minutes before the scheduled start time in the guide.  Another reason y... Read More
  3. Setting Up and Editing a Series Recording Setting Up and Editing a Series Recording A Series Recording may be a good choice if you have a show that you like and it comes on once a week at a certain time. With your DVR you can choose to record that program ev... Read More
  4. View Your Recording History Your Recording History Record History is a log of all events related to your recordings such as recording started, recording completed or recorded canceled. Go To Record History Press ME... Read More
  5. Stopping and Canceling A Recording Stop a Program Currently Recording Step 1: Pick a Recording Press MENU, highlight DVR and press OK. Highlight To Record and press OK. Highlight the recording event you want to stop and press OK. ... Read More
  6. Lock/Unlock and Deleting a Recording Lock or Unlock A Recording Locking a recording prevents the system from deleting a program to make space for new recordings. NOTE: You can still manually delete a locked recording. Lock... Read More
  7. Sort and Watch Recorded Programs Sort Recordings Press MENU, highlight DVR and press OK. Highlight Recorded Programs and press OK to bring up your recording list. The first listing will be highlighted. You can sort your recordings alphabetically by ti... Read More
  8. Understanding the Menu Bar The Menubar is a quick and easy way to access any feature of your service. To display the Menubar, press MENU on your remote control. ... Read More
  9. Review and Set Priority of Programs to be Recorded Review Programs To Be Recorded Press MENU, highlight DVR and press OK. Highlight To Record and press OK. A list of your scheduled future recordings will appear to the right. The list of programs to be r... Read More