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Pause, Rewind or Fast Forward Live TV

Recording capability allows you to pause live TV (PLT)- what you are currently watching.

How it Works:
While watching a channel, PLT will temporarily store the programs that you have watched thus far on the channel so that you may rewind the channel to any point in time- until the time you started watching that specific channel. Changing channels will clear anything you have been watching and will replace it with the new channel you are now watching.

Please note, your set top box must support the recording or "DVR" function to use this feature. If your set top box does not support recording, please contact customer service for an upgrade.

Controlling Recorded or Live TV
While watching a recorded program or live TV, you can use the Playback Control buttons to pause, rewind, fast forward or stop playback.

   Press PAUSE to halt playback at the current point.

     Press REWIND or FAST FWD to reverse or advance playback from the current point.

   Press PLAY to resume watching at normal speed.

   Press STOP to exit playback of the program.

Anytime you press one of the Playback Control buttons while watching a previously recorded program, the DVR playback controller is displayed. The box on the left indicated the playback function in use. The bar in the middle gives a visual representation of where you are in the recording. The lighter section indicates how much of the recording has been played.

Pausing Live TV Bar
The PLT bar appears whenever you pause, rewind or fast forward live TV. The center area indicated the amount of TV saved. The "l-bar" shows where you are within that range. The far left box indicated the current playback function. The far right box indicates the current time.