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DVR allows you to record programs digitally without the need for tapes or discs, as well as pause live TV. Please note: If your set top box does not support recording, please contact customer service for an upgrade.

General Guidelines
  • Your TV can be turned off and a scheduled recording will still take place.
  • You can record one program and watch a different program simultaneously.
  • If two programs are being recorded at the same time, you can only watch one of the recording programs or a program off your DVR list, rather than live TV.
  • The Whole-Home icon means that the recorded program can be viewed from any set top box in the house and will appear to the left of the program's name .
The DVR Menu
The DVR item on the Menubar provides access to previously recorded programs and upcoming recordings as well as allows you to schedule events, prioritize series recordings and view your recording history. Navigate to the DVR by pressing MENU, highlighting DVR and pressing OK.

DVR Menu Quick Reference

Lists all programs you have already recorded. Watch, lock or delete recorded programs.

Lists all Recording events you have scheduled, and allows you to cancel any future recording events.

Give priority for one series recording over another in the event of a scheduling conflict.

Create a recording, reminder or auto tune event for individual or recurring programs.

A log detailing when recordings start, complete or are cancelled.

Quick Recording

The fastest and easiest way to begin recording is to use the Record button on your remote control. While watching a program, press RECORD on the remote. Recording will begin immediately.

You can also start a quick record in GUIDE. Highlight a program you want to record using the ARROW KEYS and
press RECORD on the remote. If the program is currently on, recording will begin immediately. If the program
comes on in the future, your system will record the program for you automatically. Your TV can even be turned
off and recording will take place.