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Plesk Email Management and Setup

Plesk Email Management and Setup

This tutorial shows how to create, manage, and delete email accounts and aliases on the Plesk server, as well as creating and managing mailing lists.

Adding a new email account

1.)Go to the Plesk server login page at and log into the your account.

Once in click on the mail section down the screen.

2.)After getting into the mail section you will select Create E-Mail Address

3.)Fill in the E-mail address field with the username, make sure that Mailbox is checked. The password requirements for Plesk must reach Medium, the easiest way to do this is to have 1 capitol letter, 6 characters total, and at least 2 numbers (it can not be the same as the UN)

Managing an E-Mail address

1.)Select the email you wish to change the settings on and select Change Settings

2.)Here you can Activate or Deactivate a email address, forward to another account, or reject emails if needed. Once completed making changes hit OK.

Pop settings and Webmail log in via webadmin

1.)Log into the account and once you select Mail and from there you will see an icon with a blue circle and a white "i" in it. If you select that you will see the pop and smtp information needed for any mail client.

2.)Next to the pop info you will see a white envelope. Clicking this will take them to a Plesk Webmail. Here they will be required to enter in their password for their email. *The customer can also go to their webmail by simply opening a browser and going to*

Creating and Managing Mailing Lists

1.)From the Mail section, you will see a tab that says Mailing Lists. You can create a Mailing List by selecting Create Mailing List. The Plesk server will allow 3 Mailing List.

2.)Once you have selected to create a list, you will have to fill out the appropriate information. It will require the address for the mailing list, the administrator for the list, as well as the emails you wish to send to. *Please keep in mind the emails in your list must already be created in order for the list to work, or it will give you an error.* You can edit the list once it is created. To do this, simply click on the list to add or remove emails.

3.)The other option under mailing lists is to deactivate a mailing list or remove a mailing list. To do this, simply select the corresponding mailing list and select Switch Off the Service to turn it off, or Remove to remove it.