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Installing WordPress application in Plesk

Installing WordPress CMS application in Plesk

One of the new features of the Plesk server is the ability for users to install a CMS (content management system) such as WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal by logging into the admin side of Plesk. This tutorial shows how you can install WordPress via the admin interface.

1. Log into the Plesk admin interface:

2. The applications screen can be accessed two ways. You can either click on the Applications tab at the top of the page or click on the Install Applications link on the right side of the Home screen.

3. After clicking on the Applications link you will see the Applications screen. Click on the All Available Applications options on the left margin of the screen.

4. Next, we will do a search for the WordPress application by typing our search into the Application search box located under Select a category
near the top of the screen and then click on the Search button.

5. Once the search is conducted you will see all of the search results related to the WordPress application. There are alternate language packages that can be installed for WordPress
. The actual WordPress application is located at the bottom of the search results. Once you have located the WordPress application click on the Install button.

6. Once the install begins it will bring us to a status screen where we can track the percentage of the application download.

7. After the application installs, it will display the License agreement for the Installation of WordPress. Put a check mark in the I accept the terms of License Agreement box and then click Next.

8. Once you have agreed to the license terms you will see the second Installation of WordPress screen where we can choose where it will install the application as well as choosing what user is granted admin access. By default on the location of install we want to leave it as is. In this option you can either choose to have the same set of credentials to log into the admin side of WordPress that are used for Plesk by choosing the first option under Administrative Access. If you would like to set up a different set of credentials to access the back end of WordPress choose the second option under Administrative Access. After all the options have been checked click on the Install button.

9. Once the install has completed it will bring us to the WordPress Instance screen where we you can go directly to the admin interface of WordPress to being working on your website, remember to use the credentials that you chose in the previous screen to log into the the Administrative interface of WordPress. The install is complete.