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Nexus7 E-mail Setup

Nexus7 E-mail Setup

DISCLAIMER: These guides are intended for Nex-Tech customers. Technical support is only provided to customers who have Nex-Tech services.

1. From the home screen, tap the Menu key at the bottom of the screen.


2. Once in the menu screen, tap on the Mail application.


3. Once the Mail application has been opened, you will see the Account Setup screen. Fill in the E-mail address and Password fields with your information. Tap the Next button once this is completed.


4. This will bring us to the Account type screen, tap on the POP3 button.


5. Next we will see the Incoming server settings screen. The correct information is already filled out, tap the Next button.


6. This will bring us to the Outgoing server settings screen. On this screen we will need to change the Port setting to 25, everything else is filled out correctly. Tap the Next button.


7. We should now see the Account options screen, these options are user preference. After adjusting the settings to your liking tap the Next button.


8. Next we will see the screen where you can assign an Account name and also Your Name. This option is also user preference. After you have made the desired changes tap the Next button.


9. We should now be taken to the inbox where you can see any new messages that have been downloaded. The e-mail account has been set up.