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NOOK Tablet - E-Mail Setup

NOOK Tablet - E-Mail Setup

DISCLAIMER: These guides are intended for Nex-Tech customers. Technical support is only provided to customers who have Nex-Tech services.
  1. Press the button to display the quick navigation bar.

  2. Tap Apps.

  3. In the Apps window, tap Email.

    This should take you to the Inbox. If this is your first time visiting the Email app yet, you’re taken to a screen so you can set it up.

  4. Here please type your email address.

  5. Then enter the password to the account.

  6. Tap Manual Setup.

  7. Choose an account type: POP

  8. Tap OK.

  9. Enter the name of the POP3 server.

    • For email addresses use and port 110

  10. Security type is set to None.
  11. Tap Next.

    If the NOOK connects with our email servers, it should show you another setup screen.

  12. Enter the name of the SMTP server.

    • For email addresses use and port 25

  13. Security type is set to None.

  14. Put a check mark in Require Sign-in

  15. The Username will need to be the full email address.

  16. Then enter your password.

  17. Now tap Next.
  18. For Email Checking Frequency, please select how often you want the NOOK to check the server. Allowing a longer time period will save on battery life.

    This is how often the tablet will check for new e-mail.

  19. If using multiple email accounts on the device you can pick which account you want emails to be sent out by placing a check in Send email from this account by default.
  20. Place a check mark in Notify me when email arrives if you want the device to notify you when new messages have arrived.

  21. Tap Next.

  22. Then you can type the name you want to call this email account in the Email Account Description.
  23. Tap Done.