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Setting Up and Editing a Series Recording

Setting Up and Editing a Series Recording

A Series Recording may be a good choice if you have a show that you like and it comes on once a week at a certain time. With your DVR you can choose to record that program every week so it is automatically recorded for you.
  1. Select a show from the guide that is part of a series and push OK on the remote.

  2. When the menu comes up select Record Series then push OK on the remote.

  3. You should now see the Red circle with the + sign next to it showing that the series recording is set.

  4. Now select the program that you just set to record and push OK.

  5. In the menu select Edit Series Recording and then push OK.

  6. You now have several options that you can set
    • Channels – If the show is played on more than one channel then you can select which channel you would like the DVR to record it on.
    • Preference – You may select if you would like to record the show in High Definition or Standard Definition. **note** Standard Definition recordings will take up less space on your DVR.
    • Episodes – You have the option to record all episodes or new only.
    • Start and End – You can choose to add “padding” to the Start and End of your recording so that you don’t miss any action in the show you are recording. Click here for more on "padding"
    • Limit to - You have the option to record and keep All, 1, 5, or 10 episodes at a time. **note** It may be a good idea to set this to keep 5 episodes at a time so that your DVR does not get full.

How to cancel a Series Recording.

  1. Open the Guide and select the series recording that you have set up and push OK.

  2. From the menu select Cancel Series Recording and push OK.

  3. It will then prompt to make sure you want to remove the series recording select Yes and then push OK.