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Outlook Express - Importing and Exporting the Address Book

Importing and Exporting Address Book in Outlook Express

Exporting Address Book

To copy your Outlook Express address book to another computer using an universally readable CSV file:

First, we need to be at the computer whose address book you want to copy and open Outlook Express.

Click on File --> Export --> Address Book from the menu in Outlook Express.

Select Text File (Comma Separated Values).

Click on Export.

Save the exported address book with a meaningful name to a floppy disk, ZIP drive or something similar.

Once you have your file location specified, Click the Next button.

Select the fields you want to include in the exported Outlook Express address book.

Finally, click the Finish button.

Importing Address Book

Insert the storage medium with the copied Outlook Express address book into the computer that you want to copy the address book to.

Select File -->  Import -->  Other Address Book from the menu in Outlook Express. Make sure Text File (Comma Separated Values) is selected.

Click Import.

Select Browse.

Locate the file you exported from the other computer.

Click Open.

Click Next.

Select the fields you want to import.

Click the Finish button.