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Remote Control Basics

The following information will outline the basics on how to use your remote controls.

For specific remote control guides, please click here.

Turn Your Set Top Box or TV On or Off

The device selection buttons tell your remote whether you want to control your set top box or your television.

To turn your TV on or off, press the TV button located at the top of the remote, then press the POWER button.

To turn your set top box on or off, press the STB button located at the top of the remote, then press the POWER button. Please note: It is not necessary to turn your set top box off.

If pressing POWER turned the wrong device on or off, press the POWER button again, press the appropriate device selection button (AUX, DVD, AUD, TV or STB) and press POWER once more.

Note: Your remote control must have the remote code programmed in before it can send the correct signals for your TV. If the list of TV brand codes was not included in your installation pack, please contact customer service toll free at 877-567-7872.

Change Channels

CH+/-button will change channels up or down one at a time.

The Number Pad can be used to directly enter a channel number.

Guidewill display Guide so you can find a program that you would like to watch. If the program is on-air now, you tune to the channel showing it. If not, you can set a scheduled event to remind you when it does come on. If your set top box supports recording, you can schedule a recording for the program.

For more information on setting reminders, auto tunes and recordings, click here

Adjust Volume

The VOL+/- button will adjust the volume gradually.

The Mute
button will toggle the sound on and off.

System Buttons

There are a number of buttons on your remote that display different features of your service. The following are the universal buttons for all remotes. For specific remote functions, please click here to find your remote's guide.

MENUdisplays the Menubar when in cable [STB] mode. and in [TV] mode you will see your TV's menu. The Menubar provides quick access to every feature supported by your service.

INFOdisplays the Infobar, a feature that lets you see information on the program you are watching, what program will air next, and what is on other available channels.

EXITcauses your set top box to exit whatever screen you are seeing and return you to normal TV viewing. If you ever get lost on a screen, it is always safe to press EXIT then start over.