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Site Types - Pricing

Site Types



Plesk is a full featured, user controlled web hosting. The customer has control to change user passwords, create and delete email accounts, install a content management system, and much more through the admin control panel. This is accessible through
Email is generally hosted on the Plesk server
FTP can be accessed with a FTP manager using either your domain name or or
  • Gold Hosting: $50/Month
    Consists of 500mb of disk space, 50 email addresses, 3 MySQL Databases, and capable.
  • Silver Hosting: $25/Month
    Consists of 250mb of disk space, 20 email addresses, 2 MySQL Databases, and capable.
  • Bronze Hosting: $10/Month
    Consists of 100mb of disk space, 5 email addresses, 1 MySQL Database, and capable.

NOTE Hosting:  

  • Customers will be billed annually for domain renewal fees.
  • Additional hosting space is $10/mth for every additional 100mb.

NOTE Email:

  • Each email address, regardless of hosting plan, has a 250mb size limit.
  • Additional email space is available per individual email account:
    • 500mb for $10/month per account
    •  1gb for $15/month per account


  • If the customer currently has another e-mail address with Nex-Tech Internet we will forward the  old e-mail to your new address for 6 months.

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