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Understanding the Menu Bar

The Menubar is a quick and easy way to access any feature of your service.

To display the Menubar, press MENU on your remote control.

    Guide will bring up the program guide.

    PPV jumps directly to the Pay Per View channels in the program

    DVR provides access to programs recorded using DVR, as well as
    reviewing recordings you have scheduled, creating scheduled
    recording events, reviewing the history of what you have recently 
    recorded, or deleting your recording history.

    Rentals provides access to rent Video on Demand movies and

    My Library provides quick access to previously purchased rentals,
    reminders you have scheduled, messages regarding your service
    and Caller ID history.

    Parental Controls allows you to temporarily disable or
    enable all parental controls. Note: Parental Controls will not
    appear until you have created parental control settings.

    Settings offers access to creating parental controls and setting
    blocked channels, determining how things appear on screen, and
    creating, editing and deleting user accounts.

    Favorites allows you to choose, edit, create or delete a favorite
    channel list.

    Search allows you to search program listings or Video on Demand
    rentals by title.

    Widgets offers access to news headlines, weather and other
    up-to-date information.

    Sign Out allows you to sign out of the current user account. This
    only appears if you are using the Enable Login option under
    Settings/Preferences, have multiple user accounts and have
    signed in with a username and password.