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Roku Setup for Nex-Tech TV NOW

Roku Setup and Wi-Fi Connection

Roku players and TVs allow you to access Nex-Tech TV Now and other TV channel apps on your TV. To enjoy streaming content, you will need a wireless internet connection, a credit or debit card and a Roku account. The following information will assist you in connecting your Roku player to your TV and Nex-Tech Wi-Fi network.

Connect Roku Device to TV

  1. Plug one end of the HDMI cable into the HDMI part on the Roku player and the other end into the HDMI port on your TV.
  2. Some Roku players allow for a wired Internet connection. If applicable, connect the Roku player to your in-home Wi-Fi router using an Ethernet cable.
  3. Plug one end of the power adapter into the Roku player and the other end into a wall outlet or power strip.
  4. Insert the provided batteries into the Roku remote.

Set up instructions may vary depending upon the model of your Roku player. For additional assistance, visit .

Connect to Wi-Fi

  1. Turn on your TV and tune to the correct HDMI input utilizing the input button on your TV remote control.
  2. Power on your Roku player or TV.
  3. From the Roku home screen, select Settings Network  >  Wireless (Wi-Fi)  >  Set up new Wi-Fi connection .
  4. Choose your wireless network from the list.
  5. Enter your wireless password for your Wi-Fi network.
  6. Your Roku should automatically connect to your network and the internet. If you are unable to connect to your wireless network, visit or call the Nex-Tech Help Desk at 888-565-3200 for assistance.

Setting up your Roku Account for the first time

Before you can add Nex-Tech TV Now and start streaming content on your Roku device, you need to create a Roku account. This can be done before your Roku device is set up or you can wait and create yoru Roku account when you activate your Roku device. If you already have a Roku account, simply ensure you are logged in.

Before your Roku device is set up

If you wish to create a Roku account before you set up and activate your Roku device, go to .

During activation

When you first power on your Roku device, Guided Setup will begin automatically. Follow the steps on your screen to set up your account.

How to Add the Nex-Tech TV Now app from your device (No Longer Supported)

  1. You will need a Roku account. If you do not have one, visit and create an account.
  2. If you are not currently a Nex-Tech customer, call Nex-Tech at 877-625-7872 or visit your local store to sign up and
    receive your username and password. If you are already a customer and would like to add TV Now automatically, visit Sign in or create a login, then add the TV Now packages you’d like to subscribe to. Utilize the same
    username and password you entered to sign in.
  3. From the Home screen on the left, select Streaming.
  4. Press the right arrow button on your Roku remote and type “Nex-Tech” in the search box.
  5. Scroll to the right to select from the list.
  6. Press the OK button to select the channel.
  7. Press the OK button to add the channel.
  8. 8. Utilize your Nex-Tech username and password to sign in.

To learn more about your Roku device or setup, visit or call the Nex-Tech Help Desk at 888-565-3200. Not all features available with all Roku devices.



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