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Windows 7 - Setting Up a PPPoE Connection

Windows 7 PPPoE Connection Setup

This guide will guide you through setting up a PPPoE dialer for your broadband Internet connection. This will only work if you have the connection hooked directly up to the wall, thru a switch, or to a modem in bridge mode. Please contact the Help Desk if you are unsure of setting this connection up. If you are already online you will not need a PPPoE dialer setup.

  1.  First, go down and click on the Windows button (this replaced the Start button), and then click on the Control Panel. Once the Control Panel loads, you will need to make sure the View by: is selected on Category for this tutorial. After this has been checked click on Network and Internet.

  2. Here you will need to click on Network and Sharing Center.

  3. In the Network and Sharing Center, you will need to click on Set up a new connection or network.

  4. You will then see a window open up, here you will need to click on Connect to the Internet, and click Next.

  5. On the next screen, here we will select Broadband (PPPoE).

  6. We will now be at the final screen, here you will need to fill out your username, password, and connection name. You can also select remember password if you would like it save the password, and you can select Allow other people to use this connection if you have more than one user account on the computer. Once you have everything filled out, click on Connect, and you should now be ready to surf the Internet.