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Review and Set Priority of Programs to be Recorded

Review Programs To Be Recorded
  • Press MENU, highlight DVR and press OK.
  • Highlight To Record and press OK.
A list of your scheduled future recordings will appear to the right.

The list of programs to be recorded can be sorted by title, date to be recorded, channel airing the program to be recorded, or recordings to be skipped or not.

  • For more information on sorting items in this list, see the Sort and Watch Recorded Programs article.
  • For more information on canceling a recording, see the Stopping and Canceling A Recording article.

Schedule Priority

When you create a series of recordings for different programs, it is possible that at some point there will be a conflict where two or more different programs come on at the same time. Schedule Priority allows you to pre-determine what program you want to be recorded compared to another.

Go To Schedule Priority
  • Press MENU, highlight DVR and press OK.
  • Highlight Schedule Priority and press OK.

Change Schedule Priority
Schedule Priority lists all series recordings you have scheduled. The series with the highest priority is listed first. This program will always be recorded in preference to any other series recording.

The series with the lowest priority is listed last. This program will be skipped in preference to any other series recording.

To adjust the priority for a series, highlight the program you want to change and press OK.

You will be presented with the option to Move Up or Move Down the program in priority. Highlight the option you want and press OK. If necessary, repeat this procedure until each series is in the order of priority you want.